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Keen: User Testing and Localization

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In a few words

User testing and localizing the experience of American footwear brand KEEN’s all-new Japanese e-commerce website

About the client

KEEN is an American footwear and accessories manufacturing company originating from Portland, Oregon. Their products center mainly on outdoor and active footwear. The company takes pride in the sustainability of their materials and manufacturing processes, as well as their engagement in charity programs throughout the world.

About the project

We supported KEEN in their path to entering the Japanese market by testing and localizing their recently renewed global online store website. We held an intensive four-phases long user testing session to assure that the website functioned as intended and the on-site customer experience was stellar.  We performed tests on both the Japanese and English language versions of the website. In addition, we helped KEEN properly localize their website to the standards and expectations of Japan. We checked translations and advised KEEN on aspects of UX design that are specific to Japan, such as forms or checkout processes.

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