Hello we're CREAM

The CREAM team is a group of digital experts and business strategists leveraging technology to solve problems and bring about meaningful change.

Areas Of Expertise


Commerce and Retail Tech

CREAM team has partnered with leading brands to design and build superior user experience O2O for more than 10 years in Japan and globally. From e-commerce to connected stores, our holistic approach connects the dots of your commercial success.


Customer Services and Support

CREAM strives in business areas at the crossroads where humans and technology meet. Whereas it is in the field of after-sales or product personalization, we love to empower individuals with intuitive interfaces that facilitate communication, work and decision process.


HR Tech and EdTech

CREAM has a rich experience helping companies attract and retain talent by leveraging technology. From integrated recruiting solutions to training mobile applications, we have developed winning methodologies to navigate the toughest HR markets.


Market and Region Localization

Operating across Asia and Europe, CREAM brings a unique ability to adapt and localize your business. Our team of international and multilingual experts perform market research, user tests and digital audits to help you meet any local market expectation.

About the Team

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We are based in Tokyo, Madrid and Lausanne.
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We do everything in-house, from strategy, design to development.
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We are creative problem-solvers with an entrepreneurial mindset.
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We are rigorous at researching and testing.
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We put relationships first and like to collaborate closely with clients.
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We strive to help you digitally transform!

How we work


From quantitative to qualitative, external to internal, we explore all different angles and dig extra deep to uncover insights about your business and understand your unique goals and challenges.


We make sense of all the insights drawn from our research. Identifying key strengths and pain points that need addressing, we build a solid foundation by crafting a high impact strategy.


Combining world-class function with beautiful aesthetics, we bring your vision to life by creating things that look, feel and work great. Iteration is imperative, so the solution is truly molded to you.


Digital is only as strong as those that use it, so we take time to align all stakeholders and empower people to deliver exceptional results. We then measure, refine and optimize to further improve.