Cream is a digital creative agency in Tokyo.

We think, design and develop digital products, services and experiences that make people smile.

Areas of Expertise

Digital Transformation

CREAM helps digitally transform businesses to operate and win now and tomorrow. From concept to execution, our team of consultants, researchers, designers and engineers partner with you to confidently aim and attain the strategic goals you have set.

Commerce and Retail Tech

CREAM team has partnered with leading brands to design and build superior user experience O2O for more than 10 years in Japan and globally. From e-commerce to connected stores, our holistic approach connects the dots of your commercial success.

HR Tech and Edtech

CREAM has a rich experience helping large companies attract and retain talent by leveraging technology. From integrated recruiting solutions to training mobile applications, we have developed winning methodologies to navigate the toughest HR markets.

Localization for Japan

CREAM brings a unique ability to adapt and localize your business to succeed in Japan. Our team of international and bilingual experts performs market research, user tests and digital audits to help you meet local expectations while standing out from the crowd.