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iRobot Japan: Japan Digital Audit, User Testing and Localization

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In a few words

Digital audit, user testing and localization supporting the revamp of iRobot’s website experience

About the client

iRobot is an American technology company manufacturing consumer home robots, such as vacuum cleaners and floor moppers. iRobot is currently the leading global consumer robot company, with over 20 million robots sold worldwide as of 2018.

About the project

As part of their initiative to unify all regions under a single global website, Robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturer iRobot approached us to conduct a digital audit of all its channels and activities in Japan. We used methods such as in-person and remote user testingheat maps, and competitor analysis to determine pain points in terms of UI and UX, and evaluate what content is important for Japanese consumers, identifying missing or difficult to find information. Based on our recommendations, iRobot was able to drastically improve their online presence in Japan.

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iRobot e-Commerce Store Product Page Responsive

iRobot e-Commerce Store Homepage Responsive

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