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Clergerie: E-Commerce Localization for Japan on Shopify

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In a few words

Women designer shoe e-commerce store set up and localization for Japan on Shopify

About the client

Clergerie is a French brand known for its elegant handcrafted shoes and bags for women. Behind every pair of Clergerie shoes lies the unparalleled skills of the craftsmen who have built and maintained the emblematic know-how of Maison Clergerie for over 40 years.

About the project

CREAM provided the advisory and the executional power to set up and adapt the Japanese Shopify store of Clergerie. We assisted Clergerie with translating their e-commerce website in Japanese as well as localizing UI, UX and features to comply with Japanese laws and e-commerce standards. CREAM is also supporting the site and its continuous improvement.

See it live

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IndustryFashion, Luxury, Shoes, Bags and Accessorites, e-Commerce


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