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Carand'Ache: Digital Catalog

Carand'Ache Catalog App iPad Preview

In a few words

Concept, design and development of a digital sales catalog on 32-in touch screens for Caran d’Ache’s boutiques across Asia

About the client

Caran d’Ache is a manufacturer of school, art and luxury writing instruments originating from Switzerland. It was founded in Geneva in 1915, and is now known all around the world for iconic products like the Neocolor art supplies line or their mechanical pencils.

Carand'Ache Catalog App iPad Screenshot Preview

About the project

Caran d’Ache, the century old Swiss “Maison de Haute Écriture”, wanted to modernise its retail experience for point of sales throughout Asia. We designed and developed an application available on both iPads and HD 32” touch screens comprising all product lines, a gift recommendation engine as well as the history and values of the brand. Available in Japanese, Chinese and English, the tailor-made retail technology made a strong impression at the Baselworld watch fair and is now used by Caran d’Ache sales representatives throughout the world.

Carand'Ache in-store catalog app touchscreen boutique

Carand'Ache catalog app iPad screenshots product presentation

IndustryWriting Instruments Manufacturer, Art Supplies, Luxury


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