Shopify Plus in Japan by CREAM:
Strive for Commerce Excellence

Shopify Plus by CREAM:
Strive for Commerce Excellence

Japan e-commerce from zero to one with Shopify Plus and CREAM. Contact us Now!
is a certified Japan Shopify Plus Partner.

Shopify and digital agency CREAM partner to serve global brands with Shopify Plus on the Japanese market. Shopify Plus partners are a handful of globally curated agencies that work directly and actively with Shopify. With a team of digital experts in Tokyo and as a Japan Shopify Plus Partner, CREAM is uniquely positioned to localize, build and support your e-commerce activity with Japanese consumers in mind.

Benefits of Shopify Plus

Local and Global

Nail your Japan store by providing what Japanese customers expect: Japanese Yen, Japanese language and the utmost level of flexibility when it comes to payment, shipping and support. CREAM will locally research and test what is necessary to make your e-commerce site a success in Japan.


Shopify Plus let you connect in-store retail with mobile browsing to capture your customer's actions at every step of the process. Sync products, inventory, and customer data automatically for a global view of your business. CREAM can even set up your physical stores in Japan with Shopify's POS solution

Scalable and stable

Whether you are into flash sales or about to launch a major product on the Japanese market, Shopify Plus enables you to process thousands of transactions every minute without worrying about broken carts, crashed checkouts, or downtime. The Shopify Plus platform delivers unlimited bandwidth and 99.98% uptime.

Wholesale and B2B friendly

With wholesale-specific pricing, automated account signups and order review controls, manage your B2B and D2C orders in one central place where inventory, orders and customers data stay in sync. Shopify Plus and CREAM let you tap into the infamous B2B Japanese market with the appropriate toolbox.


Shopify Plus is a solution that can be plugged onto your existing Japan IT & commerce operational backbone so that you don't need to change the way you work. From 3PL to OMS, ERP and CRM, CREAM enables you to run your business on your terms integrating all your tools via Shopify’s API and SDK.


Give your customers a seamless and localized buying experience to reduce friction and improve conversion. CREAM is uniquely positioned to consult you on Japan online shopping behaviors and implement the necessary functions and customizations from search to payment and shipping to guarantee success.

Our services

Our Tokyo-based international team of commerce experts has a strong track record helping major foreign brands navigate the Japanese market.
CREAM can help you make the difference from e-commerce to retail tech to succeed in Japan.

Case Studies

Master and Dynamic: Japan Localization Support

We assisted Master and Dynamic into the localization of their Japanese Shopify store. We helped the Tokyo-based team fine-tune their work on content translation from the US website and Japan-specific features before going live in May 2021.

Visit Master and Dynamic Japan
L'Atelier des Parfums: Luxury Multi-brand Fragrance Store

We were approached to create a luxurious digital experience while offering a new way to explore fragrances even without the ability to smell scents. To meet the requirements of a continuously growing activity, CREAM recently completed the migration of the website to Shopify Plus.

Visit L'Atelier des Parfums
Kusmi Tea: Japan Localization

CREAM helped design, build and integrate a Japan-centric e-commerce site for French tea brand Kusmi Tea, incorporating necessary functionalities and specificities of the Japanese market while keeping in line with global brand aesthetics and guidelines.

Visit Kusmi Tea Japan
BStyle: Multi-brand watch store

Research, design and develop a local e-commerce platform to host a curated list of trendy affordable watch brands targeting Japanese millenials. By leveraging Shopify, CREAM was able to set up a user-centric site tailored to Japanese customers.

Visit Bstyle


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